Supporting entrepreneurs to raise strategis capital 

We transfer our investor knowledge and connections. Having supported entrepreneurs in raising over £52,000,000 and getting them ready to scale

  • Why now

    We have been in the entrepreneurial industry for over 11 years. We feel that entrepreneurs need new ways of growing their LP base. Over the last 2 years entrepreneurs have been very vocal about their experiences with fundraising platforms. It is relevant particularly now, when companies have been hit by the current market conditions.

  • Feedback from Entrepreneurs and Investors

    ENTREPRENEURS - Many of the entrepreneurs we have worked with have been telling us how frustrated they were with the results they were getting by working with external IR partners and at the end of it getting a very low RIO. INVESTORS - During the economically challenging times investors are telling us that they are still looking for good investment opportunities to invest in, as their investment mandates did not change much. 

  • Strict selection of companies

    As we have to meet the demands of our investor requiraments, we intend to select project based on interests of our investors, therefore we accept to work with average 15% of the companies. It is important for us to maintain a good relationship with our investors and present to them good quality opportunities with strong Team, Technology, Traction (3T,s).

Our Portfolio

Example of portfolio companies

Tech and Gaming Partner

Team Background

  • Our team consists of five Investment Partners , who’s backgrounds are in Venture Capital, Family Office and Angel Investing.

  • Muboriz is one of our Founding Partners , he has 6 year experience in fundraising , investor relations, business development and working with entrepreneurs around the world. He has worked for corporate finance fundraising firms and one of Europe's leading entrepreneurial networks supported by one of the leading business magnates of our time.

  • Astelios Programme - Building a global online platform for entrepreneurs in helping them to raise capital. Generated over six figures in strategic business development , VC and investments.

  • Head of Technology and Venture Capital at Bespoke Connect, Corporate Finance firm - Bespoke Connect - Head of Technology (Generated over $1,000,000 in revenue and brought initial Angel investors who invested in the syndicated deals.Worked on deal distrebution with VC funds, family offices and HNWI.

  • Commercial Director at E2E , one of Europe's leading entrepreneurial networks with 26,000 entrepreneurs. Covering the investment and commercial side of the business, secured strategic partnerships with FTSE 500 clients.

  • Founder of Research Reseller - Founded market research distribution platform focused on Emerging Markets. Exited the business to a Research a large research conglomerate.

  • Business Partner at an online business management service platform helping small businesses to manage their data.

  • We are Ambassadors of One Young World - A global forum for young leaders, aiming to have a global impact. Counsellors members include : Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Bob Geldof, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Jack Dorsey and many more global leaders.

Recommended by Spears 500

Astelios has been selected as one of the top firms in Europe to support and drive the growth of technology firms. Spears 5000 was launched at The Savoy at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards in October 2014, the first Spear’s 500 covered the top 500 individuals across the entire spectrum of wealth management and private-client practice in the UK from private banking to philanthropy, family offices to family advisers.

Investor Partners

We have built relationship with a number of our investment partners.

Tech and Gaming Partner
Tech and Blockchain Partner
Real Estate and Tech Partner
Coinful Capital/ Tech and Hedge Fund Partner
Blockchain and Tech
Energy and Commodity Partner
Tech Fund and Family Office Partner

Investor Testimonials

Below is the feedback from a number of investors in our network who have invested into our investment deals. Given the current market situation and the downturn in the economy , during these times 65% of investors are actually exploring investment opportunities to invest in. As many of our investors have built their own companies during the economic downturn. Many of our investors see the downturn in the economy as an opportune time to invest their capital in early stage and late stage companies.

  • HNWI Investor

    “ I have been investing through Muboriz, primarily focusing on diversifying and adding to my personal company investment portfolio with a focus also on listed companies and qualifying companies. Astelios have provided steady stream of quality investment opportunities over the last 6 months which have met my requirements. The companies I have looked at with Astel have had credible and well connected management teams, a strong product range and usually good current revenue but with significant capability to grow following investment. The information provided on the companies has been good, and further diligence questions promptly answered. Also key has been the ability to meet senior management prior to deciding on the investment. A further aspect has been the possibility with some investments to work more closely with the company on an advisory or non-executive basis, which is a particular attraction for me”

  • Family Office Investor

    “Speaking to some of the deals which Muboriz and his team has brought to us, it was clear to see how prepared they were and I was surprised to see how much they were able to understand our-investor perspective. We also noticed that the projects that go through this programme are more prepared in terms of their pitch and doing their research on us. We will continue to look at deals which Astelios and Muboriz bring to the table”

  • VC Fund Manager

    “I have been working with Muboriz and Astelios for some time. My focus has been technology and blockchain deals. The market in both of these spaces can be very saturated, but despite that I was pleasantly surprised by the way how the deals they have are prepared to meet with investors. Another point to bring up is the companies which I have invested in via Muboriz, many of them were much better then average of my portfolio companies in terms of Investors Relations, updating me and their other investors on monthly and quarterly bases where the company it, very refreshing to see that Astelios is teaching this unique content”.

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Video Deal Testimonial

Client Testimonials

  • CEO The Longest Stay

    “Muboriz and his team have been highly focussed on achieving our financing targets. They don't waste time but really get business done. They have a simple approach and are well respected in how they assess business opportunities. Investors listen to them. For us they have been successful at raising financing and continue to do so. It has been a true pleasure to worth with them as financial advisors in capital raising capacity"

  • Co-Founder Aggregion

    "It was a pleasure working with Muboriz and the Astelios team.They have introduced us to about two dozens of pre-screened investors and all the meetings were moderated in a highly professional manner. We are still working with many of the quality leads created. We highly recommend them as a partner for investor relationships and development"

  • CEO Tradecloud

    "Astelios have lived up to all expectations. They have the ability to link a start-ups such as ours with the right people. With proper research and vetting, this has connected us to some first class investors"

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Our Clients Backed By:

andreesen horwitz
foundation capital
winklevoss capital
Abstract ventures
andreesen horwitz
foundation capital
winklevoss capital
Abstract ventures

£52,000,000 raised to date

900 investors consisting of HNWI, Family Offices and Fund Managers

  • £300,000 is average ticket per our HNWI

  • £1,500,000 is average ticket per our Family Office Investor

  • $1,500,000 is average ticket size per our VC Fund Manager

Stages and key features

Within our fundrasing accelerator programme entrepreneurs will go through the following stepts :

  • Stage 0 : Initial process which we go through, getting on a call with the CEO, reviewing their projects - evaluate the deck and the business story with our partners and make a decision rejecting or accepting the company, based on our partners and investor feedback. Because we have to meet the demands of our investors and select projects based on interest, we accept to work with on average 15% of the companies.

  • Stage 1 : Investor Deck Evaluation - We will a have a tailored review of your investor deck , so that it fits with the requirements of sophisticated investors we work with - HWNI, Family Offices, Fund Managers and Wealth Managers. We also provide guidance on valuation of your company : Copy link to play :

  • Stage 2 : You will get access to top samples of an Investor Decks and One Pagers - to benchmark your presentation and positioning compared to other deals we have worked with. Copy link to play video - One Pager : Investor deck :

  • Stage 3: You will fill in “Investor Selection Form” which will consist of 10 questions, you will need to answer them in order for our Investor Research Manager to identify the relevant and tailored investors. Copy link to play video :

  • Stage 4 : Our Research Analyst will provide you access to over 500 tailor selected investors who fit your deal

  • Investors will be selected and evaluated based on the following criteria - Ticket size, Sector interest, Location, Investment Background, Type of Investors , Ticket size, Stage of investment. The investors will consist of HWNI, Family Offices, Fund Managers and Wealth Managers.

  • Stage 5: Investor Approach Process - 1) Investor contacts will be shared with and you will have access to them via our shared email. Copy link to play video :

  • 2) The relevant investors will be approached with your investment proposition. Via a shared email account you will be able to directly communicate with your target investors, answer their questions and set up Investor Introduction Calls. On our Investor Calls we will also have our Account Managers present.

  • 3) We will support you on following up with the investors. Prepare companies for investor calls. Advice on due diligence on investors. Advice on investor on-boarding process.

  • 4) Once you were to secure a commitment and term sheet from the investor who came through as a result of our connections, in this scenario Astelios will make an additional investment via its Astelios fund. Copy link to play video :

Based on our interviews of 130 entrepreneurs and 280 investors we found interesting data

  • 75% of Entrepreneurs don’t see the investor perspective ...

  • 70 % of entrepreneurs don’t do a good job of IR with current investors , effecting a loss of 60% of their investor follow up commitment

  • 50% of the success in fundraising from sophisticated investors (HNWI, Family Offices and Funds) is by having a quality and fast follow up investor process

  • 76% of sophisticated investor investors do not end up not investing because the company has a very high valuation or the entrepreneur has not built the trust

  • Question to one of our successful entrepreneurs How long will it take to raise angel financing? It’s my rule of thumb that it will always take longer to raise angel financing than you expect, and it will be more difficult than you had hoped. Not only do you have to find the right investors who are interested in your sector, but you have to go through meetings, due diligence, negotiations on terms, and more. Raising capital can be a very time-consuming process.